ng Yuan Ying is still a fist sized, has not changed. Yuan Ying first change is Salesforce Certification in the comprehension period of the fit period, when comprehension for those who meet the time, Yuan Ying and his body will be the size of the general, which is the origin of a fit period. After the comprehension for Salesforce those who through the tragedy, the Immortal Infant gas will be refined Faerie into fist size. When they soared Once upon a time. , Yuan Ying will continue to grow with the cultivation of larger. At the moment of the Yuan Ying is actually Xian n, but due to habitual problems, Salesforce it exam people still call it Yuan Ying. When the fairy immortal repair to achieve when the fairy will be fairy and the general size of the body, to ride through the emperor after the break, Xian Ying re condensed into a fist size. Immortal Emperor through God after the robbery, at this time of the Immortal Infant has become a baby of God. God once in the infants will not change, but when the person soaring spirit world, the baby will be God with the cultivation of this person to continue to grow. To the big god later, it will be the size of the body in general. Lord God of the time, the baby will disappear God, the matter of God and the baby body fully integrated, after refining will get the body of God G. ang. Therefore, the gods of gods on behalf of the de

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
DEV-501 Apex and Visualforce Controllers Exam Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer
ADM-201 Administration Essentials for New Admins Salesforce The Certified Administrator
DEV-401 Building Applications with and Visualforce Salesforce The Certified Developer