KHODALDHAM site is planned to be developed in three phases.

The First Phase:

  • Building the temple accompanied with a driveway, parking areas, play area for kids and a garden together with restaurants.
  • A religious and spiritual magazine "Khodaldham Smruti".
  • Spiritual Library.  
  • Yoga training and exercises centers.
  • Competitive examination centers for UPSC, GPSC including all the major state & central government conducted examinations covering different posts in descending order.
  • Orphans education center upto establishing children into society.

The Second Phase:

  • Heritage & Cultural Exhibitions for deepen understanding about the ever-changing concepts and realities of ‘community’.
  • World Class unique sport complex.
  • Various Courses upto Post-graduate level & relevant training programmes.
  • Pilgrims Facilities.

The Third Phase:

  • Maa Khodal Krushi University for research and development in agriculture.
  • Agricultural advisory services & innovation.
  • Use and demonstration of modern equipments.
  • Agribusiness coaching center.