KHODALDHAM was evolved to create exceptional vision for the community to move in the result-oriented direction;

  • Create quality life.
  • Community integration and leadership.
  • Preservation of environment.
  • Preservation of morality.
  • Preservation of spiritual values.
  • Advancement in sports.
  • Agricultural evolutions.  

Towards accomplishing above visions, the objectives are set as;

  • To become organized, integrated, courageous and drive away the darkness of ignorance by developing right attitude, self-inspiration and creative thinking.
  • To strengthen the spiritual values in the mind of every members of the Leuva Patel Community.
  • To provide quality education.
  • To establish a 'Community Development Center' for research, development and maintenance of the cultural and historical heritage of the Leuva Patel Community.
  • To establish sports & games coaching centers.
  • To establish agriculture research center.
  • To publish and circulate spiritual, agricultural and community awareness related literature to develop and educate social, cultural and professional values among the members of the Leuva Patel Community.